Monday, 26 November 2018

Advent-- Getting Ready

I sent my hubby into the attic this weekend to pull down all the necessary wrappings, boxes and favourite books for our Christmas Book Advent.

In a previous post, I said that I had enough books so that each of my children could have an advent of books- but actually I could have almost stretched to 3 shelves are indeed full!

I know my children will love opening up Christmas classics, old favourites and new stories over the month of December.  I have taken some before photos (before wrapping!) and am adding them to the blog.  The titles may inspire you to add to your collection or to look for new titles...

Happy Advent!

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Have finished the wonderful The Night I Met Father Christmas....and I loved it.

I had been watching the hype build up around this book and it made me very curious as to how the story would be told.   I bought the book on Thursday and finished it this morning.  I love all things Christmas and encourage my children to continue to believe in Santa and the magic of the season.   I will be sharing this book with them as part of our advent as it is just a lovely lovely story about how Father Christmas became Father Christmas.  It has comparisons with AChristmas Carol by Dickens but is not so similar to be predictable.  I love the characters and feel they were brought to life through the illustrations throughout the book.  They have a historical and old world charm about them.  It is a great book that children will be able to identify with....who doesn’t have a friend who no longer believes? ...and who hasn’t tried to wait up to meet Father Christmas? Jackson’s friend no longer believes and so Jackson wants to wait up to see for himself.  If you could meet Father Christmas, what one question would you ask? Well Jackson knows exactly what he wants to ask! How did you become Father Christmas? So begins the story and the adventure.... There is one simple overall theme to take away.....”When you give something...and you don’t tell anyone...well, that good feeling stays with you for ever.” Jackson has the best night with Father Christmas, learning his story, and takes away this message.  It is tempting to take credit but he realises the good feeling will then go.   A story to end the disbelief once and for all. A true classic for the children of today! 

Taken from my review on Toppsta! 

Next on the list is.....The Star-Spun Web by Sinead O’Hart
Have read the prologue and was completely hooked!

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Day 2!

A busy day travelling to Kettering to visit the wonderful Imagination Hub at Grange Primary Academy.
The video was shared on social media a few months ago and it was so inspiring.  I have been looking forward to seeing the Imagination Hub for a few weeks, and it lives up to the video.  It is a beautiful space full of character and book charm.  The attention to detail throughout the entire space is apparent and the amount of work that was put in was clear.  I met with the Deputy Head, Lydia Meek and we went on a tour.  She was lovely, and patiently answered my millions of questions.
The school did a huge amount of fundraising and were awarded a Foyle’s Foundation Grant, all of which was spent on the details, books and amazing extra finishing touches that complete the hub.

As it was such a long drive, I rewarded myself with the brilliant new title.....The Night I met Father Christmas by Ben Miller.  I can’t wait to delve in and grab hold of some Christmas spirit!

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Day 1:
I am creating a Book Blog!!!

I have been thinking, for a long time, about creating a blog to celebrate reading and children's literature!

Today is the first blog post and it is an introduction to me- and to what I hope my blog will become.

My name is Erin and I am a Primary School Reading Advocate.  I work for Asset Education Trust based in Suffolk and it is the best job.  I travel within the trust schools helping, advising, creating, recommending, building....the list goes on! 

My favourite time of year is Advent.  I am calling it this as I love the build up to Christmas....dare I say it....more than the day itself.  We celebrate Advent in several ways.  The best way is with books.

Every year I do a Book Advent for my Children (10 and 7), and every year I get the most excited about wrapping the books up and making them look irresistible and magical!

For the first time, my purchasing power has exceeded my need and I am able to wrap each child a book advent- that's a lot of wrapping. 

My husband has cottoned on to my idea and there are hints that I too will be getting a book advent!!
What could be better than 24 books, specially chosen for me, wrapped and waiting for the new day to arrive.  I will have to control myself from opening all 24 at once!

I aim to photograph our Advent books and share them with the blogging world.  They may help you to choose books as gifts or books to share with family, friends, classes. 

Hope you enjoy!

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