Thursday, 16 May 2019

Picture Book Perfect- Bedtime Stories

I have saved these two as they are perfect bedtime reads. My two enjoyed them and they both make fabulous read alouds!

One is about a special pet star and the other about a nightmare eating bear. 

My Pet Star
Written by Corrinne Averiss
Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw
Published by Hachette Childrens

A little girl finds a fallen star.  He needs some love and care and she has plenty to give him.  The star is given a clean, a fix and a snack.  The little girl shares stories and toys but the star doesn’t know how to play or read and sleeps until night, missing the fun day time activities the little girl enjoys. She is just happy when they are together.  

One night, the star feels strong and ready to go back to the night sky and smiles down on the little girl from his lofty height. 

This is a simple but wonderful book about friendship.  The love, care and attention needed to grow a friendship but also the understanding that it is ok to be apart.   My Pet Star is a perfect story for all children and the illustrations are gorgeous - full of heart, stars and wonder! The little girl is beautiful and her love for the star is played out on each page. A new favourite to be read again and again. 

The Night Bear
Written by Ana de Moraes 
Illustrated by Thiago de Moraes
Published by Andersen Press

Before you even begin reading this book, the end papers give you a set of instructions to create your own take away box for the night bear. Children could make it and put it out for the Night Bear.  The end papers at the back tell us what some nightmares taste like, such as a howling ghost tastes like cheese on toast! 
This is a new way to help children to deal with scary dreams.  Night Bear is hungry at night and is hunting for some scary dreams, luckily for him they taste like sausage and mash, burgers and fries and chocolate cake! 
One dream has been left out but eww, it is rainbows and unicorns....disgusting! 
Night Bear doesn’t want to waste a dream so sets off to find someone who will enjoy it! 
Most children are asleep but one boy is awake and they happily swap a dream for a nightmare.  
For children who suffer from scary dreams, this will bring a new approach to dealing with them. 
The illustrations are excellent, full of Night Bear’s character and scary monsters turned into yummy dinners! 
I love this and will certainly be reading it to children in schools! 

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