Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The Butterfly Circus by Francesca Armour-Chelu

The Butterfly Circus
Written by Francesca Armour- Chelu
Cover Illustration by Studio Helen
Published by Walker Books

Meet Tansy and Belle, the stars of The Butterfly Circus.  They fly high on the trapeze above the audience, following each other and listening to each other, as only sisters can.
Orphans, taken in and taught by the Fratellini’s, they grow up and become the main attraction.

A series of events changes the path of both girls and life becomes harder.  Belle disappears and Tansy is lost without her.  Tansy, and her shadow Rosa, discover and help each other in new ways.  Rosa teaches Tansy to be strong and to trust herself.  Tansy teaches Rosa to be brave.

The search for Belle is not an easy one, and Tansy must lose Rosa, meet new circus marvels and learn to fly again before the girls can be happily reunited. Elephants, arrogant and cruel men, and a mechanical cat make this story completely enjoyable and highly readable.  It has fast paced adventure, loving sister moments and sad goodbyes.  It also has friendship, courage and soaring moments of joy!

This is a glorious new book from an already well established author of the Fenn Halflin series.
The Golden Age of Children’s Fiction is happening in Suffolk!

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